The Llama
The Llama
The name's Elana although I tend to just go by Llama or something of the sort.

Let's be honest, there's not much you care about; I'm an awkward British teenager who spends way too much time on the internet, and avoiding responsibilities

You probably just care about what I post, which is a huge mash of fandoms, which you can find on my tags page.

Theme Recs

Red vs Blue - A prompt a week

  • Week 1: Start out simple, a friendly chat between your two favourite characters (They don’t have to have met)
  • Week 2: Blue team shenanigans
  • Week 3: Red team shenanigans
  • Week 4: Freelancer’s in the lounge, watching an old movie.
  • Week 5: Time to kick it up. Your OTP’s first kiss, or how you imagine it to go.
  • Week 6: A moment of reconciliation between two enemy characters, or ones that always claim to hate each other.
  • Week 7: Show off your OC freelancer, if you haven’t made one, create one now
  • Week 8: Add on an A.I, be it your own, or one in canon
  • Week 9: Their first mission?
  • Week 10: Say goodbye to that OC. How did they end up?
  • Week 11: Who are your favourite bro’s? Write a scene between them that shows off this friendship.
  • Week 12: Who do you think should get along? Show off the friendship you think they should have.
  • Week 13: Wow, we’re lacking a girls night here. What happens when all of the ladies and alcohol get together?
  • Week 14: Now, what we really need by this point is some Church family feels. Let it rip.
  • Week 15: Now, fast forward, or rewind a little, how do you think the project started out? How did the team meet?
  • Week 16: How do you think their first training session together went? A little bit of team-work would be nice.
  • Week 17: And their first mission?
  • Week 18: 18 weeks in and not a death? Well, we must fix that. How do you think Allison died? What happened to the woman?
  • Week 19: I’m sorry for that last one, here, write a small, domestic AU between your OTP
  • Week 20: Nope, right back to death. Whatever happened to Theta and North? Show off how the Dakota’s ended it.
  • Week 21: How about, Wash and Epsilon? Break David’s mind a little bit, have some fun with the guy going insane.
  • Week 22: Who do you ship York with? Write something about Delta pressuring him into acting upon his feelings.
  • Week 23: What exactly does Tex do in her spare time?
  • Week 24: As far as it goes, Wyoming and Gamma are pretty under-rated. Write something about them, anything at all.
  • Week 25: Here’s the big midpoint. Wash’s reaction to finding all of the bodies he’s recovered. All of his friends are dead, and he has to clean up their bodies.
  • Week 26: Something nice to make up for that one. Blue team Wash, what happens at Valhalla?
  • Week 27: Wow, no CT by this point, must be a record for me. Write a small fic between her and the Insurrectionist leader. It can be friendship, romantic, sibling, however you see the two.
  • Week 29: We seem to be missing some South. Write the mission from ‘The Twins’ from her point of view. Perhaps the aftermath if you’re feeling up to it.
  • Week 30: And just what did happen in the mission from episode ‘Case File 01.045’? The ball was dropped according to CT, but whose fault was it?
  • Week 31: How about a small, everyone lives AU to cheer yourself up? They all meet in a coffee shop and have a great time, arguing just like they used to?
  • Week 32: We need some more A.I’s by now. Write something about what went on in Maine’s head, as each A.I joined the Meta.
  • Week 33: Speaking of Maine, he and Wash were totally bros once. Write them training together, and just working perfectly.
  • Week 35: What character do you feel is most under-rated? Show off how wonderful they are. Write something small about them saving everyone with their brilliance.
  • Week 36: We get more backstory from the Twins than anyone else, and that’s just because they like to insult each other. Write a lovely cute fic about them as small kids, being their usual twin selves.
  • Week 37: “Washington used to wet the bed, I’m gonna go tell the others”, often that related to problems at home. What do you think went on?
  • Week 38: Sticking with the theme of young freelancers, a little Wyoming is something I’ve not seen before. How did his childhood years go? What was school like for the Brit?
  • Week 39: Pick a character, any at all, and write about their first snowfall. What was it like? What did they do?
  • Week 40: Let’s go back to Blood Gulch. Simmon’s is shown as having problems with his father figure. Write him as a teenager, struggling to deal with what you believe happened.
  • Week 41: Grif had to look after his sister after both of their parents left, but it can’t have been easy for either of them. How did they cope?
  • Week 42: Sarge was an O.D.S.T once. How did he get on with the rest of his team? Write about one of their missions.
  • Week 43: It’s guessed at that Caboose had many siblings, write about how well they got on, and just what sort of things they got up to.
  • Week 44: Tucker must have learned his ways from someone. Did his dad teach him, or his mom?
  • Week 45: Donut grew up on a farm in Iowa. What was it like, with his family, and him being...the way he is?
  • Week 46: CT always hated the name Connie, and the fact that it made her sound like a kid. Make up a reason/ event that forever rivaled her against the name, or being seen as a child.
  • Week 47: Which character is the most likely to believe in magic? Write them having the dream crushed by someone much more grounded.
  • Week 48: Some people bond over their love of a specific thing. Choose a show/band/book and have two characters form a friendship over their love for it.
  • Week 49: One half of your OTP is injured, and put into a coma, or taken hostage. How does the other half cope?
  • Week 50: The freelancers gather for a games night, and they all spend hours playing video games, board games and throwing popcorn and cushions at each other. The Director’s left for the week end, so they don’t have any reason to worry.
  • Week 51: One of the freelancers never did learn to ride a bike, write about them being secretly trained by one of their buddies.
  • Week 52: Merry fucking christmas! Choose, either the Blood Guclhers, or the Freelancers, and have them gather to exchange whatever gifts they could manage to salvage, and enjoying a small meal with crackers and all.
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